• Solestream at work

  • Push button hydration for riders

Solestream at work

Push button hydration for riders

How it Works

Solestream is a push button hydration system that enables you to squirt water into your mouth while riding.

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Check out this video to see the Solestream difference.

The Solestream kit includes 'The Quencher' - our specially designed system that pumps water from your hydration reservoir simply with the press of the button mounted on your handlebars.

One of the key challenges for a rider is the lack of access inside the helmet for a water bottle, or the difficulty and danger in searching for a drinking hose while riding. Solestream allows the rider to trigger the release of a water stream directly into their mouth through a nozzle attached to the front of the helmet.

The button is mounted on your handlebars, and sits next to your grip. There's no wires and no need to plug anything in. The button transmits to the receiver housed in The Quencher, releasing water instantly.

hands free hydration

Complete with The Quencher, comes the transmitter and button that sits on the handlebars. We also have two nozzle options - The Swift and The Injector. Both nozzles have been designed to ensure that regardless of your helmet type, you can easily attach to the front so water can be accessed.

Swift Nozzle
The Swift Nozzle attaches to a nozzle holder that is mounted on the inside of your helmet. The tubing attaches to the outside of your helmet with magnetic holders.

The Injector Nozzle
The Injector Nozzle is made for those helmets that don't have the ability to attach the nozzle to the inside. This nozzle is inserted through a 6.5mm hole drilled into the front of the nose piece of the helmet.


Our backpack has been designed for comfort, flexibility and stability. You can adjust the harness at 4 different points to find the ultimate fit. The waist strap is optional and can easily be removed. It has thick specially shaped padding where it contacts your back for extra airflow and comfortability. 

There are 5 different pockets. These include an easy velcro open close pocket behind the front pocket for you to store and protect your Solestream nozzle when its not in use. The front pocket unbuckles and folds down to have easy access to the two pockets on each side. You can also adjust these two straps if you need to carry something bulky like a towel or rain coat. Inside the front pocket is an organiser for tools or your phone. The main compartment has two different pockets - one to store the system with water reservoir and a separate space in front of the water reservoir for larger objects if needed.

Our Solestream bag is light weight and will suit all body types and sizes.


The Ezifill is an optional extra that will make refilling your water reservoir easier and cleaner. Simply attach the quick connect hose to the outlet at the base of your quencher system reservoir and then connect it to the tubing of your Ezifill water reservoir. With gravity doing to the work for you, you can ensure that the water stays uncontaminated from dust or other particles without needing to unscrew the cap. Alternatively you can empty your water reservoir by lifting it above the Ezifill and the water will flow back into your Ezifill.

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No matter the speed or the terrain, you will always be able to safely access water using Solestream.