• The Solestream System

  • Push Button Hydration for the avid rider

The Solestream System

Push Button Hydration for the avid rider


Meet the family

Hi there, we are the Soley family - Rick, Jodie, Eva, Lara, Maxson and Weston. With Rick and Jodie responsible for all the idea, grunt work and decision making, Solestream has become a love project for our entire family. We are excited to be able to share with you.

Inspired by thirst...

Thirst. Not how one would expect to be inspired. In the case of Solestream, though, this is where our journey begins.

Just four short and long years ago (2016), the idea was sparked after Rick almost fell off his bike after hours of intense training for the Australian 4 Day Enduro. Hot, exhausted and dehydrated, he figured there had to be a better way to easily access water while riding.

Push button hydration that squirts water into your mouth was born in that moment.

After sharing the idea with Jodie, we have worked tirelessly on perfecting the design and developing a brand that will change the way we ride forever. 

There have been many late nights of research, working weekends while still working full time not to mention juggling 3 (now 4) kids around this. We began the patent process immediately after Rick shared the concept with Jodie, and we have poured everything into pursuing this idea and bringing it to fruition. 

It's currently patented in Australia, the United States and China. We are still patent pending and Europe and Canada and hope to receive the grants soon.

Rick is a fitter machinist and specializes in CNC machining, working for the family business. He machined all of his own prototypes and continued to make changes to perfect it. We then had them engineered into 3D models so that we could get them plastic injection molded in order to have them mass produced. We have sourced parts from all over the world to bring it together and we assemble them in our home workshop here in Australia.

We have been our own guinea pigs, testing the Solestream system under grueling riding conditions - in extreme heat and the most arduous terrain. It has taken all this time to get the system to the point where we are satisfied it will deliver every time. Now we refuse to ride without it.