Stay hydrated without sucking

Whether you're into riding motorbikes or mountain bikes, you'll relate to being in the moment, with only your speed and the track ahead on your mind. All while your throat is burning and your lungs are ready to burst from lack of water. 

Stopping to take a swig of water isn't an option. You could lose your place, your momentum - not to mention it's typically not safe to stop in the rugged places we find ourselves in. 

A suck valve isn't an ideal option, either. Taking your hands off the handle bars to find it and position it to drink from can prove dangerous.

So like most riders, you find yourself depriving yourself of the very thing you need to keep focused and riding for longer - water.

This is where the Solestream Quencher System stands alone. It has been specifically designed to pump water from the reservoir (worn in backpack), through tubing and into a nozzle that is fixed to the inside of your helmet. Water is squirted directly into your mouth by pushing the button transmitter mounted on your handlebars.